They had been there this whole time. I just didn’t see them, even though I was looking right into their faces, hopelessly wandering through a forest full of trees. This was a search that could never come to its conclusion. I wasn’t paying attention, that must have been it. Why look at a tree any longer than absolutely necessary? It’s just a tree, after all. I’ve seen trees in all shapes, sizes, even colors. Nothing special about them. And then it hit me, with a gentle slap on my wrist.…

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Tree of Life

I shouldn’t listen to everything I hear, but this particular story was hard to ignore. I was sitting in a coffee shop somewhere in the outskirts of the capital, minding my own business, when I…

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Miles High

One of the more interesting behaviors I have observed is this society’s increasing thirst for narcotics. Substances that, when ingested, propel your head upwards into the clouds. Your sense of self gets to leave your…

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Bearers of Belief

I knew of the monolith’s existence, the nucleus of this place, the singular source of belief, and power. This object might have not even been real, on account of the few people that had actually…

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Cosmic Slab

Not long after arriving in this world, I was made aware of the monolith’s existence. This object was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Nobody dared to call it by name and yet, its existence…

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About Me

Hi there, I’m Daniel, the hands and heart behind Postdrafts. Born in Germany, raised in the Caribbean, I’ve always been captivated by how different worlds can collide and intersect – just like art and technology. Whether I'm directing short films, writing stories, or knee-deep in some other creative experiment, my work reflects my journey through different worlds. I've built Postdrafts as a space to share this exploration, always embracing the evolving, dynamic nature of creativity.

What is a Digital Garden?

A digital garden is a collective space of short, atomic notes, each encapsulating a single thought or concept. These notes interconnect to create an ever-expanding web of knowledge on a wide range of subjects that keeps growing and changing as time goes on.

What is Visual Fiction?

Visual Fiction is characterized by the union of striking visuals and provocative text, a fusion of AI and human creativity, giving rise to a multisensory experience that breathes life into narratives. Visual Fiction is a dynamic medium, with the potential to explore and express different themes and ideas across various contexts.